Eton Textile S.p.a. success is based on 42 years of experience of the brothers Vincenzo, Ciro and Stefano Cozzolino, who have rooted the production and sale of fabrics, to the local and international markets , after having conquered and consolidated the traditional market of domestic reference on a regional basis, with the their historic family company named “Manifattura Foderami Cozzolino Spa”, which they have founded into the year 1978.

With the “Eton Textile spa” business project, without prejudice to the roles of the three founding brothers in the activities, the transition to the second generation, already present for some time in the company, is formally sanctioned: the share capital is entirely held by Vincenzo, Ciro and Stefano sons . After a transition phase, during the year 2011 was the first fully operational for “Eton Textile spa” which naturally inherits the entire customer portfolio and has achieved appreciable results in the territorial diversification of the business, continuing the path of growth, evolution, following the changes in the needs of the textile market.


With our internationalization process, start in year 2014, we firmly inserted in the circuit of new markets thank to a team of agents coordinated by area head Giuseppe Cozzolino. The agents are visited regularly and in particular when the collections are enriched with new proposal in order to make them always attractive and competitive on the market.